Happy Days cast members comment on Tom Bosley Death (Video)

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With recent news that actor Tom Bosley died, there has been an outpouring of condolences and words of praise for the former “Happy Days” and “Murder She Wrote” star.  Among the “Happy Days” cast members who have now commented on Tom Bosley’s death are Henry Winkler and Ron Howard, both of who have risen to prominence from the show and beyond.

The Tom Bosley death at age 83 has caused sadness yet wonderful memories for those who worked with him, befriended him and loved him most.  Henry Winkler was known as “The Fonz” and gave his thoughts to both TMZ and E! News.  Winkler told TMZ: “Tom Bosley was our mentor. He was a true artist … a great husband, and a fabulous father and grandfather. He will be sorely missed, but never forgotten.”  He added in his statement to E! News, “We were a make-believe family for 10 years, and like a real family for over 30. He will be so, so missed.” 

Ron Howard played Richie Cunningham, the son of Tom Bosley’s “Mr. Cunningham” character on the show.  He’s now a major Hollywood director with an impressive number of films to his credit.  Howard told TMZ.com: “I’m so saddened by the loss of our wonderful Tom Bosley. Remarkable on so many levels, Tom’s insight, talent, strength of character and comic timing made him a vital central figure in the Happy Days experience.”

Scott Baio of “Charles in Charge” fame was also a member of the Happy Days cast and shared his condolences on Twitter saying “Mr. Tom Bosley will be missed by many. He was a great actor, teacher and man.

Henry Winkler also appeared on NBC’s Today Show in the video below via YouTube to discuss his thoughts about Tom Cunningham and “Happy Days.”  They discuss the great man that Tom Bosley was.  When asked what Bosley’s legacy will be, Winkler notes that Tom Bosley was a great father, husband and grandfather.

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