‘Happy Endings’ ‘Dave of the Dead’ Recap and Review

Two awesome new Happy Endings episodes aired on ABC on May 4, 2011. Prior to “Dave of the Dead,” viewers got a dose of what it’s like to live with Max as well as what happens when Penny and Jane have a throw down.

Following “Of Mice and Jazz Kwon-Do,” the ABC comedy delved into an important topic of conversation. Who of the friends would survive a zombie apocalypse?

Dave (Zachary Knighton) definitely wouldn’t.
Elisha Cuthbert in 2009
Dave makes a serious and aggressive Happy Endings change
After the gang points out that Dave is already a zombie–after all, come on, Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) did run away from him at the wedding–Dave realizes that his job also makes him a zombie. So he decides to quit his job and follow his dream of opening up a restaurant.

Except no one–including a restaurant investor (Alex Morris)–likes his idea for Pangaea Grill, which serves 900 dishes from all over the world.

But Dave needs some sort of change, because he’s in a dark place in his life, like applying to grad school dark.

When Dave claims he’s bypassing the investor and cashing in his 401K, one of the gang finally steps up to the plate and tells him Pangaea isn’t a good idea.

Will Max or Jane survive the zombie apocalypse?
Max (Adam Pally) thinks his cold black heart is his greatest asset, but Jane (Eliza Coupe) is seriously competitive, even insisting she can beat hot dog champion Takeru Kobayashi.

So what better way to settle this argument than a bit of friendly competition? First, a foot race, which Jane easily wins. Max collapses to the ground, waiting for his runner’s high.

Then there’s the opposite test: who can sit still the longest and not attract the attention of the zombies? As Max relaxes into the coach, he knocks over a beer, and Jane almost automatically loses, which is completely expected.

Last, who is the most ruthless? But that test is on hold, because they’re not sure how to test that.

Penny dates a hipster
Max has a few choice lessons for Penny (Casey Wilson). For one, she always takes on the characteristics of the guy she’s dating, whether he’s a doctor or a goth. In Happy Endings “Dave of the Dead,” she becomes a hipster.

And so begins Max’s rules for being a hipster. Rule one: Don’t put effort into anything. Two: Only like thing ironically, including books and the environment. Three: Don’t ever show too much enthusiasm. Four: Say “I’m over it” frequently. Last but not least, Max puts some large prescription glasses on Penny.

It works–until Penny and friends show up to a 90s bat mitvah theme party all dolled up. All of Toby’s hipster friends think it’s not cool they’re trying so hard. And, to that, Penny can only say one thing: they’re all trying way too hard. One girl wears an empty fanny pack wherever she goes. Another searches for jean shorts whenever he shops. Toby wears headphones that aren’t attached to anything. Another girl sits in a fake wheelchair. “Listen up hipsters. Trying hard can be fun,” she says, as she dances out of the room.

Dave starts smaller than Pangaea Grill. Alex tells Dave to be smart and reasonable–even though those are the qualities that turned him into a zombie. She also tells him to start smaller, like a good steak sandwich. To help, Alex gives her engagement ring back.

So Dave starts a food truck, which he uses to pick up his friends outside the Happy Endings hipster party. But he doesn’t have any food, and the hipsters are after the truck like zombies.

The friends take off–until Jane pushes Max out. Because, after all, Jane is the most ruthless of them all, which fans already knew.

But this scene is made stellar thanks to Max. He tries running from the zombie hipsters, but cramps up and collapses. Yeah, he wouldn’t survive a zombie apocalypse.

Happy Endings airs on ABC Wednesdays at 10pm Eastern. Two new episodes air next week as well.

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