‘Happy Endings’ Recap: Brad and Max Hype It up in ‘Boys II Menorah’

On Happy Endings, Max (Adam Pally) has long had a series of odd jobs that the rest of the gang didn’t realize were jobs, like a funeral seat filler. But his job in “Boys II Menorah” takes the cake, literally; Max is a hype guy at Bar Mitzvahs, and he’s about to get some help.

The_Girl_Next_DoorHow will Alex and Dave spice things up?
While Max is doing the dreidel spin on the dance floor, Jane (Eliza Coupe) has some advice for Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) and Dave (Zachary Knighton), who thinks a date night involves eating dates, the fruit. Worried that they’re falling back on old patterns, Jane tells Alex to mix things up a bit like she and Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) do.

So, when Dave comes home with some puzzles of Amish Country, Alex is all sexified in her paint outfit so they can paint rooms and, ya know, maybe have some fun splashing paint at each other. But then she flings the paint in his eye. Alex’s next plan to have a romantic weekend away in mosquito-country isn’t greeted all that well either, despite a terrifying amount of condoms and her claiming, “where we’re going we don’t need clothes.”

Unsure of what to do, Dave turns back to Jane for advice. Again, she gives it, but doesn’t really think it through. She has Dave whisk Paris to Alex. She turns their courtyard into a French bistro, and sends Alex an invite that looks like a plane ticket. But turns out Alex didn’t realize it was for Love Airlines and actually tries to use the ticket at O’Hare.

Dave and Jane try to come to her rescue. Dave gets tackled. Jane, in flight attendent gear, gets tased. In the end, Dave and Alex shut down O’Hare for two hours, and what can be more romantic than that?

What’s the fate of Max and Brad’s hype team?
When Penny (Casey Wilson) isn’t being hit on by 13-year-old boys, she’s setting up a doomed-to-fail musical act. Max claims he “hypes” alone at Bar Mitzvahs, but unemployed Brad is ready to join him. Since Brad isn’t Jewish though, Max tells everyone he’s Ethiopian, because apparently that works.

Things are going well for the new Happy Endings group “Boys II Menorah” — until Max gets a cramp, and Brad does Max’s signature dreidel spin move on the dance floor. “Betrayal,” Max hisses, just as he hisses when he’s discovered that Brad took a gig without him.

“You think a bar mitzvah gets hyped in this town without me knowing about it?” Max yells. And then they’re doing a “hype off.” Max calls the “sons of Abraham” to get their hands in the air. Brad encourages them to clap their hands. And then they start doing the limbo and fall into the cake, literally.

They’ve decided to get out of the bar mitzvah game, as if they had a choice. But Brad learned something about himself: He likes having a job that makes people happy.

Happy Endings airs on ABC Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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