‘Happy Endings’ Recap: Real World Sacramento on ‘More Like Stanksgiving’

In less confusing news on Happy Endings, Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) and Dave (Zachary Knighton) want to host this year’s Thanksgiving at their new apartment. But it won’t be traditional, because Dave want to honor the 1/16th part of himself that is Navajo Indian; he wants an authentic Thanksgiving, which becomes, as the episode title implies, “More Like Stanksgiving.”

But the Navajo dinner isn’t the only reason this Thanksgiving will be unlike any other. For one, Alex assumed Dave meant “clamps,” not “clams,” when she went to the grocery store. And so Dave is off to the store to get clams to create a true Thanksgiving Day meal.

While he’s out, the rest of the gang shows up. Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) and Jane (Eliza Coupe) swap out Alex’s dry, unbrined, and over-seasoned turkey with their beautiful one. Alex also points out where everyone will be sitting; she wants Penny (Casey Wilson) to sit on the “ergonomic work hammock,” which turns out to really be a sex swing. So why don’t they have enough seats?

Surfer, Dude premiereTurns out Dave hasn’t moved his things in, which prompts Penny to wonder why that is. Suddenly, Alex is reading into things and starting to think Dave might not be ready to live with her. “Reading is stupid!” Penny tries to convince her, perhaps feeling guilty because of her feelings for Dave. “TV rules!”

And then Max (Adam Pally) pops in the DVD of Real World Sacramento, where he and Brad first met. But why did the season never air? Because apparently one of the roommates burned the house down. And why have we never heard of how Brad and Max met on Real World before? Yeah, Penny thinks it’s odd how they never discuss that.

Not everyone wants to look back into the Happy Endings past, especially Brad. That’s because the episode they watch features the time they all visit Max, and Jane and Brad meet for the first time. He wants to jump in the hot tub—and Jane wants to make a sign-up sheet so everyone has a chance.

“What is that girl’s deal?” a young Brad with dreadlocks says. “She is so controlling!”

He’s not the only one who isn’t faring well. Max thinks this is the episode where he comes out to the world—but first he’s still dating his girlfriend Penny. He says, they’re “like… two rabbits… doing it all the time… it’s all hetero.” But fans all know how that ends.

The real reveal is not that Jane annoyed Brad when they first met. It’s that she thought she was joining Jared in bed when she crawled under the covers with Brad. Oops. (All’s well though of course, because things like penicillin and play-doh were happy accidents too.)

Another big reveal on the Real World Sacramento comes from Penny, after the producers ask her if there’s someone else she’s interested in—since Max came out as “I’m Greg”—and there’re hints of her feelings for Dave. Alex brushes it all off though when the two friends make up. There’s no way Penny could have feelings for Dave, right? And where is Dave anyway?

As the gang finally realizes he’s gone on Stanksgiving, he shows up, sneezing into Brad’s open mouth. So what was he up to? While dressed as a Navajo, he was approached by two pilgrims looking for help and money. And so he goes to the ATM, and when he returns to them, they’re in his car. They take the money from him and drive off.

Dave still manages to get his clams, though; he barters away his coat for both the clams and the blanket. Only problem? The blanket is covered in cat hair, and he’s allergic. Determined to get home, he tries to sell his Rock Bottom literary event tickets—right outside the police station. He’s arrested for scalping. But, since he’s at a police station, he ends up getting his car back, even if he loses the tickets. “Henceforth I will be known as ‘Has Ordeals With Clams,'” he claims.

And how were those clams anyway? Horrible, so Dave threw them out.

Happy Endings airs on ABC Tuesdays at 9 p.m. Eastern.

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