‘Happy Endings’ ‘The Quicksand Girlfriend’ Recap and Review

Happy Endings already started off with a bang in its pilot episode, but then it kept on going with a second new episode for the night. “The Quicksand Girlfriend” picked up right where the season premiere left off and immediately developed all the characters–and their crazy quirks–a bit more.

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Alex needs a new roommate

With her relationship to Dave (Zachary Knighton) over, Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) is moving on. But she needs a new roommate first, a task her sister Jane (Eliza Coupe) doesn’t think she can handle. “Does her hair have a social security number that you can run a credit check on?” Jane says of Alex’s choice in Samantha.

Since judging comes easy to uptight Jane, Alex hands the reins over to her. But that’s obviously a mistake. In a speed-dating-like scenario, Alex meets 10 best roommate candidates. Except they all look and act like Jane. “I’m sorry I don’t want to live with any of these boring and lame girls,” Alex awkwardly declares in front of the ‘candidates.’

So, she chooses Samantha. But that’s a mistake, too, unless you count Alex earning $8,000 off of Samantha posting videos of Alex on smokinghotroomies.com.


Penny wants a new best gay husband

Max (Adam Pally) isn’t cutting it for Penny (Casey Wilson) on Happy Endings. He just acts too straight and isn’t offensively stereotypically flamboyant (meaning, he’s an absolutely refreshing character).

So, to teach Penny a lesson, Max introduces her to Derrick (Stephen Guarino), who–at first–is “the gay of my dreams,” as Penny declares. They go to three farmer’s markets. They shop together. They do brunch… but then Derrick starts treating Penny horribly, talking over her stories, and calling her a “clumsy bitch.”

Penny doesn’t love D-Rock, a.k.a. Derrick, anymore, because he’s messing with their very particular group dynamic, just two episodes into this new comedy. With this realization comes another. Penny is Max’s gay husband. She’s the stereotypical one. She’s the over-the-top one. And she’s definitely high-maintenance.

But how to end it with D-Rock? She just gives him a call and tells him their friendship is over–a lesson Dave really needed to hear.


Dave meets a new girl

Dave is the one left at the altar in the Happy Endings pilot, and, as such, he’s really the main focus of the show. He’s also the most clueless when it comes to relationships, especially considering that he and Alex were together for 10 years.

So when Dave meets Andrea (Courtney Henggeler)–pronounced Undrea–he’s way over his head. Their one-night stand turns into 12 hours spent together the next day eating crepes, walking by the lake, feeding her pet bird, watching her dance videos, and on and on. “You’re stuck in chicksand,” Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) says, attempting to coin a new term.

How is Dave to break it off? Friends Brad and Max have the answer: just peter out. Change plans. Stop texting. Stop calling. But that doesn’t work.

Brad and Max then suggest showing Andrea how unreliable Dave is by arriving late and acting cheap. But that doesn’t work either.

It takes an act of God–a job offer working as a backup dancer for Kesha–to make Dave think the relationship is over. Except Andrea then breaks her femur in a run-in with a bike messenger.

Dave can’t catch a break at all, can he? Except he’s just too much of a wuss–just as he was with Alex perhaps–to just break it off. He waits to do that when he starts giving Andrea’s grandmother’s eulogy. But, in the end, it’s not really Dave who breaks up with her. Andrea admits she just went along with the ‘relationship’ to avoid having the conversation.

Dave somewhat learned what he’s doing wrong in the relationship department. But chances are, with a comedy like this, Dave still has a lot to learn. At least he has his friends to help him along the way, kind of.

Happy Endings airs on ABC Wednesdays at 10 PM Eastern.


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