Happy Father’s Day 2011: History of Day for Dad

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Today is Father’s Day, which comes just a few short weeks after Mother’s Day. In 1909 Sonora Dodd of Spokane, Washington listened to a sermon during the day for moms and she decided that dear old dad should have a special day as well.

Happy FatherDodd has a very special dad William Smart, a Civil War Vet, who managed to raise six children by himself after losing his wife. The mayor of Spokane proclaimed June 19, 1910 the very first Father’s Day. Over a century later, dad’s throughout the U.S. are celebrated with their own special day.

In 1966, Lyndon Johnson, made the third Sunday in June the official date to celebrate fathers. Now over 75% of American households will celebrate the day spending an average of $106.49 on the dads in their lives. What will you be doing to honor the dads in your life today? If you don’t have plans, it’s not too late.

While moms often get a lot of praise, dads are incredibly important in the lives of their children. Can you believe there are 70.1 million fathers in the U.S.? Take today and tell the dad in your life how much you appreciate him. Perhaps just a phone call is all you can swing, but just taking the time out to do it will let him know you care.

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