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I hear people debating the topic of saying Merry Christmas verses Happy Holidays, and those who put those down who say Happy Holidays over Merry Christmas claiming they are taking Christ out of Christmas. I for one am a Christian, and I say both depending on the time of year.

When seeing someone I may or may not see until after the New Year near Thanksgiving I will say Happy Holidays, as it gets closer to Christmas I tend to say Merry Christmas a bit more and less of Happy Holidays, but sometimes then add in something like Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to someone who I might not see until after the New Year.

I was lucky enough to grow up around many kinds of people with different religious beliefs so for those who I know are Jewish I will wish a Happy Hanukkah to, or if I am not sure I will wish a Happy Holidays over Merry Christmas so it covers all of the Holidays they may or may not celebrate. Am I taking the Christ out of Christmas? I most certainly am not. I am just taking into account other’s beliefs and trying to be courteous to their choices, which also includes those who don’t celebrate all Holidays.

I have always had a problem understanding those putting other peoples choices in religion down. Yes I have my own opinions, but it doesn’t stop me from telling people about the God I believe in, and in so I will also listen to their choices, not that I will choose to convert, but this Country was the safe haven for many seeking refuge from religious persecution over the years and I for one have seen time and again people putting others down for their religious beliefs, which has caused, argueing, fighting, killing, and even wars, over what God they should be praising.

The last time I read the Bible God had many names and maybe just maybe most of us are praying to the same God, with different names, and the religion has gotten clouded over the years being broken up, rewritten, dispensed with other peoples views of how they perceived the reading of the Bible to be, causing the mess we have today.

Oh before I forget Marksville wishes you all a Very Merry Christmas with lots of hugs and prayers for Peace and Joy to all the world.



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