Happy National Lady GaGa Day!

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I’ll bet you didn’t realize it, but today is National Lady GaGa Day!

National Lady GaGa Day is thought to have started on Facebook.  Fans have set up a Facebook Page dedicated to National Lady GaGa Day.  (click link to view page in a new window)  The event has a whopping 104,865 confirmed attendees.  Really, there is no major event.  According to the National Lady GaGa Day Facebook page the day is all about the star.




“What better way to celebrate the celebrity that brought us Fame, Sex and Music? And celebrate our “inner freak” that Gaga allows (and wants) us to be.

Basically, this is a day for everyone to celebrate her! Dress like her, sing, dance, have themed parties, wear a kermit the frog jacket, ect. JUST HAVE FUN!”

Ready to get your GaGa on?  Go to the Facebook page and join then watch the video below and dance!  Or you can just skip the festivities I suppose.  ;)

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