Happy St. Patrick’s Day (Saturday Writing Essential) – Labrador

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This Week’s Challenge:

Use prose or poetry to write either a historical article or a historical fiction story. If you choose to write a nonfiction history article, it must be about St. Patrick, St. Patrick’s Day, or Ireland. The historical fiction can be about any time/place you wish.


Once upon a time in the land of Labrador, slaves were brought to hire out as snake killers. All slaves were dressed in blue to mark that they were the property of their master. The folk of Labrador were willing to pay the master a high price to rid them of their snake infestation. When Patrick, one of the slaves, disembarked, a snake slithered up his leg, curled around Patrick’s neck and have him a gentle squeeze. Patrick was thrilled because he had never seen a snake before and had no idea how friendly they could be. Patrick had no idea that this was the king snake and all of the snakes eagerly did as he bid.

Patrick named the snake Snakeyes and took him back to the ship to live with him. They became dear friends with Snakeyes gently squeezing Patrick and in return receiving a scratch behind his ears. Sadly, poor Snakeyes became lonely for his fellow snaky friends and sent a message for all snakes to join him on the ship. Thousands and thousands of snakes boarded the ship. Thousands more on their way. This caused a bit of a problem and the master, captain of the ship, lifted anchor and moved away from the shore. By then, there were so many snakes on board that the extra weight caused the ship to sink.

It did sink and all men and snakes were drowned at sea. Except for Patrick who had cleverly dived into the green, algae laden waters and swam far enough away to be safe from the quake the ship made upon sinking. Patrick fought bravely through the green kelp and algae till he finally reached shore, discovering that his clothing had been dyed green and surprised to hear the cheering from all the folk of Labrador. The folk sainthooded him for getting rid of the snakes and they changed a color in their national flag to green.

On the day he passed on, the folk held a wake to celebrate his life and declared that day to be a national holiday. It has remained a holiday throughout time.

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