Harbor the Dog Sets Record for World’s Longest Ears

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A dog named Harbor from Colorado claimed the Guinness World Record for the longest ears. He has been known to stop traffic with the unusually long appendages. The pooch is a coonhound, which is a breed known for having big ears for hunting.

Harbor the Dog Sets Record for World's Longest EarsThe amazing dog has an earspan of about 26 inches. Habor has a 12.5-inch-long left ear and a 13.5-inch-long right ear. Wow! Those are shockingly long, and they are the longest of any living dog, which must make his owners proud. The ears are reminiscent of Dumbo the elephant.

Of course, even though he was blessed with unusually large ears, Harbor is just like most other dogs. He likes to play and sleep. His owner Jennifer Wert said, “He just runs for days and days, then sleeps for days and days.” That sounds about right for a dog in 2011.

While it must be difficult to have to deal with all the questions that Harbor’s long ears bring, he certainly is an adorable dog. See him in the video below.

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