Harold Camping admits he was wrong about apocalypse dates

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Five months after the world was supposed to have ended, Harold Camping is admitting he was wrong about his prophesied dates when the Rapture would happen and the Earth would be destroyed. Camping predicted that Christians would be Raptured—or taken away—by Christ on May 21, 2011 at the same time a massive worldwide earthquake would occur and that five months later, on October 21, the Earth would be destroyed.

According to an ABC News report, Camping admitted in an article that he was mistaken about his apocalyptic predictions. Camping was President of Family Radio at the time he pinpointed his doomsday dates but retired after he suffered a stroke in June 2011.

The doomsday dates in May spurred some people to panic while some Christians who followed Camping’s teachings made preparations to be Raptured. Some of those preparations included quitting jobs, selling homes and in some extreme cases, even euthanizing pets.

While it is good that Harold Camping publicly admitted that he made a mistake, it is sad that so many people believed him. Many Bible-believing Christians refuted Camping’s claims and insisted that an accurate date for Rapture could not be known by any man.

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