Harper Seven Sparks ‘Seinfeld’ Buzz, But There’s Another Sitcom ‘Seven’

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The name Harper Seven is deeply meaningful to David and Victoria Beckham, but it’s become a bit of a joke to Seinfeld fans.

This is because there’s an episode of the show where Jason Alexander’s character, George Castanza comes up with the perfect baby name – Seven. Unfortunately, a couple steals the name for their own child before George has a baby of his own to bestow it upon (not that he should ever have had kids, anyway).

Beckham, VictoriaBut while one couple loved it enough to steal it, Jerry Seinfeld mocked it, comparing coming up with the name Seven to coming up with names after other silly random things like ‘Mug,’ ‘Maxwell House,’ or ‘Gherkin.’ The episode has sparked so much speculation that David and Victoria Beckham drew inspiration from it for their baby name that Seinfeld has become a trending topic on Twitter. So little Harper Seven’s name isn’t so unique, after all.

And George isn’t even the only sitcom star to come up with the name Seven — in Married… with Children, the Bundys temporarily ended up with a blonde boy named Seven when a cousin dropped him off at their house (he was named after the number of kids his parents had, although they couldn’t count and he should have been named “Six” instead). The character wasn’t very popular, and he essentially disappeared from the show only to appear as a missing child on a milk carton in one episode (the mystery of what happened to Seven has been a popular subject among Married… with Children fans ever since).

Of course Harper Seven’s name wasn’t inspired by a sitcom — Victoria Beckham’s daughter got her middle name because she was born during the seventh hour in the seventh month on the seventh day of the week. Seven is also a spiritual number, as well as David Beckham’s old soccer number. As far as Harper goes, it’s pretty common in Hollywood — David Spade, Neil Patrick Harris, Dave Grohl, Tiffani Thiessen, and Lisa Marie Presley all have daughters named Harper. But are there any other celebrity kids named Seven?

Well, Erykah Badu and Andre 3000 have the Becks beat with their baby boy Seven Sirius (a name that’s seriously strange).

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