Harper’s “Seven” Name Much More Spiritual Than Jersey Number for Beckhams

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New daughter’s name means more than soccer victories to the family!

In their photos shared on Facebook, filled with tenderness and beaming smiles, it’s more than evident that the Beckham family is blushing with pride over baby daughter, Harper Seven. The family tradition for bestowing meaningful names is a well-known legacy, and many attributed baby’s first name to be an homage to mum’s fondness for bold novelist, Harper Lee. It was projected that the middle name was derived from daddy’s soccer jersey from his Manchester United days, but he declares not so!

The Beckhams chose “Seven” to represent something far more meaningful than a memorable shirt, David Beckham, reiterated. “Seven” symbolizes “spiritual perfection,” he explains. He admits that the number “was such an influential number throughout my career, a lucky number, but that wasn’t the main reason” for ascribing the moniker to their lovely little girl. Seven stands out in many natural phenomena, such as the Seven Wonders of the World, the seven colors of the rainbow, and is referenced numerous times biblically as meaning completeness or perfection, and the Beckhams certainly feel blessed by their newest gift. According to KSN, “We’re very proud of having her in our lives and our family.” He relates Harper Seven’s arrival as an “amazing time.” David and Victoria may be best known for making stylish statements on the red carpet or social soirées, but it’s clear the two take names as serious business for life!

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