Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna: Robbed on TV – Real or ‘Rinna’s Lips’?

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Harry Hamlin was robbed on TV! Well, actually Harry learned that he was robbed while on TV. Hamlin and de-lip-cious wife Lisa Rinna were on the Today show when he received a phone call informing him about a break-in at their clothing store.

Signed Hamlin, Harry 4x6Contact Music reports that Harry Hamlin had just sat down with Lisa Rinna for their TV interview when his cell phone went off. It was their alarm company, ADT, letting him know that his store,  Belle Grey, was being robbed.

Gather’s Matt Clark wrote that despite finding out he had been robbed on TV, Harry Hamlin continued with his interview. Hamlin said, “Our clothing store is being robbed as we speak… ADT is useless . . . our alarm company was supposed to take care of this, and they did nothing.” Belle Grey is located in Sherman Oaks and according to the couple has been robbed three times before.

CBS News states that Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna were being interviewed because they were promoting books they had written. Rinna was promoting Starlit and Hamlin was promoting Full Frontal Nudity. Harry and Lisa were also promoting their new reality TV show Harry Loves Lisa.

It’s interesting to see Harry Hamlin’s calm reaction when he found out he was being robbed on TV. Hamlin and Lisa Rinna must have gotten to the point where they almost expect to be robbed by now because they didn’t really react at all or was their nonchalant reaction really just acting? Either way, if they aren’t satisfied with ADT, then it’s time to switch alarm companies!

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