Harry Hamlin Learned He Was Robbed On TV While Promoting Reality Series

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Imagine going on live TV to promote your new reality series to only find out something major happened back home. Harry Hamlin found out he was robbed while on TV on Tuesday to promote “Harry Loves Lisa” in advance of its premiere, and now some are wondering if the incident was staged.

Soap star/reality personality and now author Lisa Rina and husband Harry Hamlin happily promote their new books at Barnes & Nobel in NYC, NY on October 5, 2010 where the excited couple didn't even let the robbery of their Sherman Oaks store Belle Gray earlier in the day effect their good mood! Even Harry's brother Jerry came out to show his support! Fame Pictures, Inc

Oh this is one of those oh so convenient moments of life. That is how Harry Hamlin and his wife actress Lisa Rinna tried to play it off. Like it could only happen to them, and that is why they decided to make a new reality series to follow their insane lives. E! Online was the first to call the incident staged.

The couple were promoting their new reality series from TV Land titled “Harry Loves Lisa” on “The Today Show” when they received a call that their Los Angeles area clothing store had been robbed during their second on-air interview. The fact they took the news calmly is leading many to wonder on the validity of the robbery today. The fact only items at the very front of the store while other more expensive items were ignored in back is bringing the claims into doubt.

“Harry Loves Lisa” premieres Wednesday night at 10pm on TV Land. Check out the video of their “Today Show” interview below. What do you think? Did they stage their own store break-in to generate more publicity for themselves? Will you be tuning in to watch their lives unfold on their new reality series? Go here for the latest in entertainment news and gossip.





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