Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Movie Review By Steven Cannon

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Hi guys! Just sharing this movie review that I have read on the internet.

Took a day off work.  Stayed up all night the night before to finish the book so that I could be recent on all 6 books right before the movie.  Weekend before we took an entire family day to watch movies 1-5.  Yes we are most definitely fans and geeks all rolled into 1.

My children(7 & 9) who have never read the books thought the movie was OK other than Dumbledore dying who they liked.  Their favorite scene was the Weasley’s shop, because it reminded them of Mr. Magorium’s Magic Emporium…I mean really!!!

Nothing about Lucius and that whole setup into what is driving Draco, Fenrir is just some hairy death eater, Looks like the burrow had been moved from where it was at in earlier movies to the middle of Mel Gibson’s corn field in Signs. Tonks/Lupin….guess it was just a one night stand.

Ron, Harry and all the quidditch interplay would have been nice to see a bit more of that….the fight scene at the end was not a fight as much as it was flight…for death eaters they sure don’t seem to want to kill anybody and run away really fast.

The horcruxes and all that building up to what Harry had to do seemed to be skipped other than a quick memory check from slughorn.

The relationship between Ginny and Harry…THAT HAS BEEN BUILDING FOR 5 BOOKS….glossed over…they might as well have shaken hands and agreed to just be friends and see other people…no break up scene or nothing……

No funeral scene or homage to Dumbledore except to make it look like a Peter, Paul and Mary concert.

Past movies I would have agreed with 80% of the things they removed or left as deleted scenes…here I disagreed with over 80% of what they kept….I pray they do some kind of extended version (LOTR) with like 45 minutes to an hour to fill in the gaps.  Otherwise they might have just put up a big screen saver for this one saying, “Read the book, were too busy spending money”.

Of course we will see the next 2 installments and we will buy the DVD (lining their corporate pockets unfortuneatly) so that we can complete the experience, but if the next 2 are like this one my family for one will leave the whole experience without the proper appreciation for J.K.’s books that we should have had after watching the movies.

I agree with many of the other reviews in I loved the lake/cave scene it was awesome.  Katie bell scene was pretty cool as well.

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