Harry Potter Costuming Update Dressing The Part (AKA EVERYTHING IS DONE!)

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Today I finished the robe! Phew and we just got back from a VERY quick photo shoot showing off everything. Consider this our dress rehearsal (minus our shirts and skirt we will be wearing… and I’ll have my hair more like Hermione’s too. :P)

The costumes were put on quick and I see where we should have taken more time with them to assure they didn’t look flawed in areas… like they do. Note to self to do that for the judging.

So, here we are with our pets, Crookshanks and Hedwig.


The front of our robes – arms out to show the sleeves


The back – not sure if the hood fully shows.. it’s waist length.


Wand pockets… with handmade wands inside.


Hoods up (mine messily so.. Clint should have helped LOL) and wands out. :P


The whole set (the animals, wands and robes) was a labor of effort lasting 2 months non-stop and costing me over $70 out of my pocket (Gather earnings) I thank you ALL for your support and help. Without it we never would have been able to afford to HAVE these costumes and have FUN.

Everything here was 100% hand made and hand sewn by myself. It was an undertaking larger than I imagined, but worth it all in the end.

I will get around to viewing and commenting again this weekend. :)

Stay tuned for the photo essay from the EVENT on SATURDAY!

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and the one that started it all: Woohoo Harry Potter Adventure Tickets SECURED!


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