Harry Potter Costuming Update – The FINISHED WANDS! (Photo Essay With Link To Tutorial)

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Phew~ The wands are both done! The tutorial we used claimed it took 40 minutes to make. I’m not sure what we did differently, but it too 4x that just in waiting for the layers of paint and glue to dry none the less anything else, lol.

But! They are done and we are pretty proud of them. Clint actually thought at first that they were wooden, haha.

So, the first steps I didn’t take photos of it’s just rolling the paper up you can imagine it, right?

So, we painted them in a wood brown shade – 2 coats. Then we added the details in hot glue. Mine has a leaf vine design (which was hard to do in hot glue, so it’s not as clear as I’d like…) Gideon’s has a handle that is wax dipped in appearance.

This is Gideon’s after the 2 coats and the hot glue.



Mine after the paint and glue.


A closer look.


Holding our wands.


Then we added another coat of brown paint over it all.

Gideon painting his wand.


And then we added a black wash over it so it looks old. :)

Here’s Gideon adding his black wash.


My wand after the wash.


A closer look.


Both wands after the wash.



Then we added gold. I was gonna just do the hot glue gold, but Gideon liked it all gold, so  he did his like that, lol.

Gideon’s is “pure gold” which is real shiny. Mine is antique gold to look a bit older and real.


Harry’s wand and Hermione’s wand. The ones we were replicating..




For those that are curious, the tutorial is here. They are quite strong (the paint strengthens them) and I added hot glue to fill the handles and tips for more strength.


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