Harry Potter theme park debuts Spring 2010 at Universal Studios

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Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida is unleashing a brand new Harry Potter theme park which is sure to send fans into a frenzy.  The new specially designed theme park “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”, in honor of J.K. Rowlings’ boy wonder wizard, will open in Spring 2010 at Universal’s Islands of Adventure Theme park and is sure to promise the family plenty of fun!

The new theme park will feature an assortment of rides, shops, places to eat and other great experiences involving the world of Harry Potter as known in the popular books and films.  Most importantly, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter will have plenty of rides, designed for a range of ages.  Actor Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) has already picked out the Dragon’s Challenge as his favorite ride, because it’s an extremely fast roller coaster.  The signature ride will be “Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey” which allows theme park visitors to fly high above the castle grounds and see creatures from the movies.  There’s also the Flight of the Hippogriff, which includes Hagrid’s hut and an instructional village on the best way to approach a Hippogriff.  From there, visitors will embark on a wild journey upon a family friendly roller coaster.  

Other attractions at the new Potter theme park include a rustic tavern for dining called “Three Broomsticks”, the “Owl Post” post office, and “Ollivanders” a gift shop specializing in the sale of collectible magic wands.  The Harry Potter theme park will be officially introduced via an upcoming teaser of a Superbowl commercial this Sunday.  A great interactive website has already been created to allow fans and potential visitors preview the attractions of “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”.  See more about the Harry Potter theme park and ticket info here:


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