Harry Potter Tries To Be Human (Saturday Writing Essential 04/28/12)

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Challenge: Using prose or poetry, continue Patricia’s story in any way you wish.


They sat at the Leaky Cauldron on the last day of their honeymoon. Harry and Ginny are having breakfast and waiting for Ron and Hermione to join them for a special outing. Ginny is bubbling over with excitement, “Do you think we’ll get away with it, Harry?” “Sure we will, just don’t pull your wand out and you can behave like a muggle any time.” “I want to leave as soon and Ron and Hermione get here.” “Then we better finish breakfast and send our bags home now.” They finish their tea and bacon sandwiches and add a thank you to Tom who runs the tavern, then go upstairs to their room to finish packing. Harry was just locking the last suitcase when a knock came at the door. Ginny ran to open it and let in her brother and sister in law. “Mornin,” said Ron, “ready for our day in the muggle world?” “Yes, good morning to you, have you decided what you want to do today?” said Hermione. Ginny immediately responded, “yes, I want to go to a moving picture show.” “We’ll have to wait a while to do that, they aren’t open this early in the day.” Said Harry, “how about the zoo first?”

“Then the zoo it is!” Ginny dramatically replied, pointing her wand in the air.

“Wait!” protested Harry.  “No magic.  We are taking the lorry like good little muggles.”

When our heroes arrived at the zoo, their ruse seemed to work.  No one suspected they were wizards except several of the animals who instinctively knew there was something unusual about them.  The monkeys were shrill when our heroes approached the cages.  The lions and elephants caused a raucous as well.

“Oh!  Perhaps we shouldn’t have come here,” Ginny lamented.  “People are beginning to stare.”

Harry placed his arm around her while they briskly moved away from the deafening squawks of the exotic birds exhibit.  “So let them stare!”

“I’m with Harry,” said Ron.  Nevertheless, four pairs of shoes clacking the cobblestone path picked up their pace.

Unbeknownst to them, ‘people staring’ was the least of their problems.  High in the blue above, was a raven that had been following them since they left the tavern.  Of course, it was no ordinary raven.  The sky suddenly turned gray; storm clouds rolled in; a gust lifted Hermione’s dress.  “Oh my!  I think a storm is brewing!”

“Yes,” Ron concurred, “perhaps we should leave.”

Lighting then whipped the back of the sky and made it bleed with rain.  The raven cawed with demonic delight; its yellow eyes pierced the gray fog as it circled overhead.

“Hey, gang, is anyone in the mood for a moving picture show?” Ginny sarcastically quipped.

“At least it’s indoors!” Harry barked, his voice nearly drowned out by thunder, lightning and pouring rain.

“No bloody animals there to out us either!” hollered Hermione.

But there was one animal there: the raven.  It perched itself on the balcony rail while it watched our heroes with amusement as they sat in front-row seats still soaked from the rain.

Then something strange occurred.  When the movie commenced, the curtains opened as usual, but on the screen there was a movie audience staring back at our heroes.  After several glacial minutes of this, Ginny finally piped up: “What kind of bloody movie is this?  It’s just an audience sitting, eating popcorn, sipping through straws, and staring back at us!”

The raven cackled with evil laughter.  It then flew down to the stage and its black feathers grew exponentially, then morphed into a black cape belonging to Lord Voldemort.  Harry and the gang just froze, their eyes the size of tennis balls.  With a demonic demeanor, Voldemort’s hawkish eyes glared at Ron, then turned to Hermione, then Ginny, and finally rested on Harry.  He let loose one last sinister laugh that echoed through the auditorium.  “Don’t you idiots realize that you are the movie?!” 

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