Harry Reid and President Obama are at it again!

In January, President Obama made some recess appointments while Congress were away. Now Harry Reid is advising the President to do so again if he doesn’t get his way. He wants to force Republicans to vote. Reid claims that most of the appointments are not controversial, but in saying that he agrees that many are controversial.

According to the Washington Post, “Senate Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) said Friday that he would recommend that President Obama issue recess appointments for about 90 individuals if Republicans don’t soon agree to hold confirmation votes.”

Why is there gridlock in Congress? The reason is bullying. Harry Reid and the President are bullying the Republicans to do as they want or face the consequences. The President already has proven he is willing to do what some believe is illegal, and now, Harry Reid is encouraging Obama to do just that. Poor President Obama has to do something illegal, and he can point the finger to the Republicans because Harry Reid says so.

This sounds like the Roaring Twenties where corruption was king, but of course, Obama comes from Illnois where corruption is the middle name.

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