Harry Styles Almost Got His Head Shaved: Would His One Direction Star Power Disappear?

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Liam Payne has done it. But the rest of the One Direction boys, including Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan, haven’t crossed over to the bald side. They like their hairspray, gel and goop too much to follow Payne’s gutsy move and shave off their perfectly coiffed hair. Their strands are their safety net! But the band’s ultimate flop-star Styles almost got his luscious mop top of locks buzzed right off when he and the rest of 1D made an appearance on BBC’s Children in Need initiative where they performed two songs including new single, “Little Things.”

File:Harry-styles.jpgStyles’ bold words that he would take it all off (his hair, that is) if it would raise enough money for charity, haphazardly uttered about a month ago, came back to haunt him on the money-raising special on Friday, Nov. 16. But when Children in Need host Fearne Cotton wielded a pair of clippers, Hazza wasn’t looking so brave. He tuned pretty sheepish and probably feared for a split second that he would actually be kissing his locks goodbye—and just as he’s reportedly rekindled a romance with older woman, Taylor Swift!

Of course, Harry Styles’ One Direction mates couldn’t be counted on to stick up for him—or protect him from the clippers; in fact, Louis Tomlinson sold him out, gushing in confirmation, “He did say that, I heard him say that!” After some awkward mumblings, Styles defeatedly said, “Sure, go for it if you want.” Alas, Cotton saved him from the hair nightmare. “I can’t! I can’t be held responsible for that! Could you imagine?” she admitted, obviously imagining what kind of backlash would ensue with a bald Styles.

Styles did once make the comment that his popularity factor was all tied up in his face, not his floppy hair. But his hair really seems to his sweet spot; it’s his “x factor.” So, is a buzz-cut Styles “shear” perfection or “shear” tragedy?

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