Harry Styles and Liam Payne Are Confident One Direction Won’t Split: They Don’t Fight!

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Harry Styles may have already had his fair share of make-outs and break-ups of the romantic sort, with the cougar-chasing player’s most infamous perhaps being the much-older Caroline Flack. But he’s confident that the boy-band love affair between him and the rest of the One Direction guys, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan, won’t ever meet with the same fate. The reason why 1D will never split? Why, it’s simple. Apparently, they never fight!

The “What Makes You Beautiful” British-Irish group has become the new “fab five” of sorts, taking the world by storm (especially capturing the attention of the teeny-bopper sort) with their heart-throb looks, their floppy and/or coiffed locks and their perky pop sounds. And they boys seem to be having a blast; they are not only pros at entertaining their crush of fans, they also appear to entertain themselves with plenty of screwball antics.

But despite the fact that everything seems copacetic (and sometimes like a silly love fest!) between the 1D members, the fate of other boy and girl bands raises the question if they, too, will eventually break up and go their separate ways—perhaps eventually reuniting, or not. From Destiny’s Child to the Spice Girls, ‘NSync to New Kids on the Block and 98 Degrees, pop-sensation super-groups seem harder to keep together than a young, volatile Hollywood romance.

File:One Direction Glasgow.jpgHowever, Harry Styles is confident One Direction is in it for the long haul and perhaps won’t ever not kiss and make-up, should they have a tiff about, say, where to eat. “To be honest, we don’t argue very much at all,” he told Top of the Pops, as Sugarscape confirms. “If we do, it’s about silly things like where we’re going to dinner!” And Liam Payne even piped in, affirming, “I couldn’t see us having a big enough argument to split.”

Even Styles’ veritable sweep of the recently announced We Love Pop awards, which had him scoring wins for “Fittest Boy in Pop” and “Best Hair,” and Louis Tomlinson’s own victory as “Best Bum” could wrench these guys apart—or raise a note of jealousy. After all, they all shared in the win for “Best Group in Pop.”

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