Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson Fans Tweet About Dumb Fan Fiction Moments

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Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson aren’t just singers in One Direction – they’re characters in countless works of literature. However, Louis has made it known that he’s not a fan of “Larry Stylinson” fan fiction.

Interestingly, the made-up gay couple didn’t come up much when Directioners decided to start tweeting about the worst plot devices that are used in 1D fanfic. And it’s not surprising that there were so many tweets about fanfic – it’s becoming an increasingly popular pastime among mega-fans who can easily share their masterpieces on the internet. More fan fiction writers are probably also sharing their stories because of how popular E. L. James’s erotic Twilight fanfic became after its title was changed to 50 Shades of Grey.

There’s now a second Twilight fanfic titled Beautiful Bastard being published, and One Direction fan Emily Baker got her story Loving the Band picked up by a publisher. So the pastime is serious business.

However, fans of reading the works of others have noticed that some plot devices get a little overused, which is why they got the hashtag #dumbfanficmoments trending earlier today. The Huffington Post collected a few of the best tweets that mentioned Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Justin Bieber. Luckily there were no references to the guys creating their own Red Room of Pain like Christian in 50 Shades of Grey, so moms are doing a good job hiding their copies of the novel from their daughters.

Instead fans pointed out that Louis is always munching on carrots; Harry’s eyes consistently get called “green orbs;” and teen characters’ parents are virtually nonexistent. Love at first sight and pregnancy are also popular plot devices (it’s frightening to think that Teen Mom episodes are some girls’ fairy tales).

In 1D fan fiction, Zayn Malik also has to utter his catch phrase “Vas happenin!” at some point in the story, while Daddy Direction Liam Payne gets to play Dr. Phil by helping everyone sort out their romantic problems. And of course Niall Horan only wants to eat at Nandos.

Reading through some of the tweets with the #dumbfanficmoments hashtag could be helpful to writers who want to make sure that their work is unique. And who knows? Maybe their work will get picked up by a publisher (this sounds like a good fantasy for a fanfic).

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