Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson Talk Gay Rumors (Video)

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Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson talked about rumors that they’re gay during a recent interview with Much Music, but Larry Stylinson was just one of many topics that came up.

The guys responded to a ton of other rumors, like how a One Direction fan supposedly saw Liam Payne naked in a gym dressing room—he denied this one. Harry also denied that he’s going to be playing Mick Jagger in a biopic because he’s not the best actor (he told the interviewer to watch iCarly for proof that he’s no thespian).

Harry did confirm that he has four nipples, but there’s already been photographic evidence of that, and Louis once again said that he doesn’t have his butt insured and reiterated that he just doesn’t understand why celebrities like JLo would do such a thing. Harry helpfully pointed out, “You might get shot in your bum.” Hopefully the guys’ security will keep something like that from happening.

The band confirmed that they will not be collaborating with The Wanted, but Liam Payne thinks that having a dance-off with them would be a good idea.

The rest of One Direction confirmed that Harry Styles loves to be naked, and the star whipped out what he called a “willy sleeve” in leopard print when he was asked about wearing a leopard print thong.

Then the interview finally got to the question that fans really want to know about: what’s up with Larry Stylinson?

Louis Tomlinson basically admitted that he reads some of the “graphic” 1D fan fiction on the internet, and he said of Directioners, “They take it really seriously.” However, he and Harry Styles confirmed that they’re just really good friends while not getting upset or angry about all the gay rumors (it’s nice to know that they’re not homophobic). While talking about Larry Stylinson, Louis did put his arm around Harry and Harry did grab his chest, so some crazy fans will probably see that as proof that Larry lives. Louis also admitted that a photo of him and Harry kissing was a “good photoshop.”

The guys got informed by the female interviewer that girls like to see guys make out, and this is how Louis responded:

“Really? Because I was thinking—truthfully, if I was a hardcore One Direction fan—a hardcore Harry fan—I wouldn’t like the idea of Harry and Louis. I’d want the idea of Harry and me.”

It’s pretty hilarious hearing Louis imagining what it would be like to be a Directioner.

So Harry and Louis basically stole the interview, although Zayn Malik did get in a comment about how “confident” the moms of Directioners can be. Liam and Louis then came up with a good headline for a 1D story: “The Moms Just Go for It.”

Liam and Louis also talk about having girlfriends, and the band has a laugh about their rumored “sex ban.” They also said that the majority of Directioners are nice and that it’s only a few fans that are really mean to their girlfriends online.

So basically there’s tons of material for fans to obsess over in the full One Direction interview below.

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