Harry Styles and One Direction Boys Get Called ‘Beautiful Hamsters': Insult or Compliment?

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Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik and Niall Horan have no shortage of fanatical followers flitting around their every move. But the One Direction guys may have just snagged their craziest crush yet: GloZell. The self-professed “Queen of YouTube” and “Mother of the Internet” recently posted a video to her “Reality Show Life” channel, which shows just how much she’s obsessed with her boys.

Like everything this extravagant comedian does (she recently shared a clip of herself gagging after trying the so-called cinnamon challenge and downing a ladle-full of the spice), her ode to 1D is nothing short of over-the-top and maybe even borderline obnoxious–depending, of course, on the flavor of humor one prefers.

Donning a low-cut top, the well-endowed Glo wiggled and giggled and oohed and aahed over the music video for the new One Direction single, “Live While We’re Young.” From constantly squealing, “they’re beautiful,” to wondering aloud, “why can’t I be one of those girls [in the video],” to getting all hot and bothered when the 1D boys took their shirts off, GloZell definitely gave her own, ahem, unique stamp of approval for the song.

File:One Direction at the 54th Logies Awards.jpgBut the best moments happened when she called the boy band “giant, beautiful hamsters” after their zorbing moment in the video and when she positively purred and even growled over Harry Styles. Talk about the ultimate cougar. And this may be the only time being called a “hamster” is a good thing!

Yes, it’s all a bit (okay, a lot) self-indulgent on the part of GloZell. The video comes in at a rather long four minutes with only this YouTube personality gesticulating and gesturing during the entire bit, while providing her own shrieking, overly emotional commentary on 1D’s new hit single.

Her schtick may be silly and, daresay, senseless, but it’s also incredibly smart. Ms. Glo is flaunting what she’s got and, surprisingly or not, it’s working for her. As Entertainmentwise confirms, she’s racked up a whopping 700,000 subscribers to her channel and has garnered more than 245,725,300 views overall to her videos. And that number will probably only grow if she continues putting out pieces that creatively and obnoxiously cover the hottest trends–and boy bands. It looks like she does have something in common with Styles, Tomlinson, Payne, Malik and Horan; she’s a sensation in her own right!

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