Harry Styles as Mick Jagger in Richard Branson’s ‘Exile On Main St.’?

Does Harry Styles have the Moves Like Mick Jagger? Harry of One Direction has been fortunate enough to go from regular teen to reality TV star to a bona-fide heart-throb boybander. Could movie star be next on his list of accomplishments?

One Direction- Harry Poster Poster Print, 24x36Styles reportedly has his sights set on Richard Branson’s Exile On Main St. The movie is a drama which focuses on “the rivalry between Jagger and [Keith] Richards [at] its lowest point during the recording of the band’s album Exile on Main Street in 1971.”

It will be based off of Robert Greenfield’s 2008 tell-all Exile on Main Street: A Season in Hell with the Rolling Stones. The movie is set to release sometime in 2013 so there’s an urgent need to get casting underway.

If you know anything about Branson, you’ll know this project must be a passion of his. The Virgin head doesn’t throw his weight behind just anything and the things he does back tend to become major successes: Virgin Airlines, Virgin Mobile, etc.

It just seems fitting Harry Styles to star as Mick Jagger in a Richard Branson flick. The film will have a strong overall English feel to it. There hasn’t been any word on who might get the role of Keith Richards. However, it would be epic if Styles had a real life nemesis that role could go to. Nothing sells tickets faster than boy band rivalry.

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