Harry Styles at the Center of Another Hot Model Controversy: Edie Campbell Receives Twitter Threats

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One Direction’s Harry Styles isn’t even dating Burberry model, Edie Campbell, but the PYT is still dealing with the wrath of a crush of Styles lovers and 1D followers who are seeing green—and who are perhaps a bit too fanatic about their beloved British-Irish boy band.

The 22-year-old Campbell posed with Styles, along with Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson, in an edgy-cool, black-and-white photo shoot for British Vogue that’s undeniably hot. And she reportedly had a great time hanging out with the pop stars. But she’s paying for it now, as Twitter trolls and irate Internet bullies are beating her up in cyberspace—purely, no doubt, out of jealousy.

File:Harry-styles.jpgAs The Telegraph confirms, Campbell received quite the insult from one enraged Directioner, saying she looked like a “40-year-old troll.” (She, on the contrary, is quite gorgeous.) She also received a scary death threat, warning her to never touch Hazza again. Despite the intensity of the rage directed against her, the model seems to be handling the drama quite well. “As long as they don’t appear at my door with fire-lit torches, I reckon I can handle it,” she said.

The womanizing heartthrob Harry Styles must have had a good time hanging out with Miss Edie, though, during the Vogue shoot. After all, he’s been linked to another Burberry catwalker, Cara Delevingne. He obviously likes models—and cougars, too!

The backlash against Edie Campbell is actually reminiscent of some harsh bullying and a severe hate campaign that Styles’ former cougar flame, Caroline Flack, also endured during and after her relationship with the One Direction singer. She was threatened on Twitter and was the subject of that unacceptable voodoo doll article.

Some of Styles’ fans need to chill out—and class up.

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