Harry Styles’ ‘Baby Bottom’ Didn’t Impress Fellow ‘X Factor’ Contestant

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Harry Styles seems to have a problem keeping his pants on—his band mates have already dished that he loves running around naked so much that he once got fined for it, and now one of The X Factor contestants he competed against has revealed that Harry used to greet her by flashing his butt.

Many Directioners probably think that they’d be able to die happy if Harry mooned them, but his former fellow competitor Mary Byrne was less than impressed when Harry pulled the prank on her. She told OK! Magazine that Harry used to greet her at morning rehearsals by mooning her, while the rest of One Direction always gave her a kiss. So if Directioners weren’t jealous before, they’ve got to be envying Mary now. However, this is what Mary said about Harry Styles’ cheeky behavior:

“It wasn’t as if I wanted to see his bottom; it’s just like a baby’s.”

So Mary Byrne is the latest cougar who hasn’t been impressed with Harry—he also got turned down when he asked The Bachelorette star Jillian Harris on a date, and Madonna doesn’t even know who One Direction is. So maybe he needs to focus on impressing girls his own age by showing off his butt to them (Directioners can dream).

But unfortunately for Harry Styles and the guys, girls’ tastes change as they get older—one day 1D fans will be all grown up and crushing on the next Michael Fassbender or some other guy who likes showing off his bum in the name of art instead of mooning people for a laugh. But for now they’ll just all think Mary is crazy for not calling the time Harry flashed his behind one of the best moments of her life.

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