Harry Styles Break-Up Down to Public Opinion

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Caroline Flack has finally opened up and revealed the real reason for her break-up from the young One Direction star, Harry Styles. It seems that public opinion and constant invasion into their private life all became too much for the couple, putting pressure on them to split.

The Xtra Factor presenter said of the split, “Everyone had an opinion on me and Harry, which was the hardest thing. I suppose they’re entitled to their opinions but it was really tough. I learned the hard way.”

32-year-old Caroline caused controversy when she dated the 17-year-old One Direction star last year. The age gap between the two created unwanted publicity. A lot of fans were outraged by the relationship, but was it really anybody else’s business? This could be the price that they have paid for fame.

After the break-up, Caroline went to Africa for a month to get over Harry. However, it seems that Harry Styles has moved on and is on the lookout for someone new. Who has he got his eye on now? Kim Kardashian is the latest lucky woman to have caught Harry’s interest. It looks like he has a bit of a thing for older women. Reports suggest that he has begged Kim for a date, taking a bikini-clad photograph of her with him to a radio interview in America. He attached a post-it note with the message, “Call me, maybe?” There is no news as to whether he has received a response yet.

Caroline is not bitter, though. She proved this when she recently tweeted about One Direction’s massive success in America when they became the first UK band to go straight in to the album charts at number one, saying, “Incredible news for One D!!!! HUGE news x.” It’s good that she is so supportive of her ex-boyfriend and that their split is amicable. Perhaps she is moving on, too.

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