Harry Styles’ Close Encounter with Swedish Nipples

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Harry Styles loves to talk about nipples—he’s always bragging about how he has four of them because he thinks that he used to be a twin (apparently he absorbed his little brother or sister before being born).

So perhaps he confused some of his fans with a recent tweet about how much fun One Direction is having in Sweden. Here’s what Harry wrote about the band’s car getting decorated by some Swedish Directioners:

“There is now nipple marks on our car..Sweden is always fun.”

Since Harry loves talking about his four nipples so much, at first some Directioners might think that he was joking around and flashing his fans by pressing them up against the windows of the car. But of course it’s more likely that the girls outside the car were flashing One Direction.

The guys have talked in the past about how raunchy Directioners can be—fans create naughty signs to try and get the band’s attention, and One Direction has accumulated quite a collection of bras from fans eager to give the guys something to remember them by.

But the girls out there who are flashing Harry Styles and the rest of 1D better be glad that the guys are gentlemanly when it comes to all the topless girls that they see—it would be pretty easy for them to pull out their cameras and film some Directioners Gone Wild videos to share with the rest of the world.

Unfortunately pressing bare breasts up against One Direction’s cars and buses might become a thing now, just like throwing carrots at Louis Tomlinson—since the action actually got Harry’s attention, now some fans might try to copy those crazy Directioners in Sweden.

But maybe the girls weren’t just trying to get Harry’s attention—they might just like their men really nipply. As one of his Twitter followers wrote back to him, “I guess Sweden thinks you STILL don’t have enough nipples, huh?”

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