Harry Styles Could Meet Mick Jagger

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Harry Styles might finally get the chance to meet his rocker lookalike Mick Jagger.

The One Direction singer has often been compared to The Rolling Stones front man since the guys share their shaggy hair, and there was even a rumor that Hazza was going to play Mick in a movie. If Harry ever does decide to leave 1D to pursue an acting career, his chances of getting to show off his swagger like Jagger on the silver screen just increased—Mick says that he would love to jam with the British boy band.

In fact, Mick even compared 1D to his legendary rock group by saying this to CNN (via Heatworld):

“I watched a concert of One Direction on TV the other night, you know, just to check [it] out. It reminded me very much of our early concerts.”

But fans of The Rolling Stones shouldn’t freak out by complaining that 1D is nothing like the Stones with their bland brand of pop music and lack of musical instruments. Mick Jagger clarified his comparison by saying this:

“When we were pushed around among the audience and we would kind of float. They were, like, floating above the audience, and they looked really distinctly uncomfortable.”

So he’s basically saying that Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, and Liam Payne are still trying to adjust to fame just like his group was during their early days. Mick probably also knows what it’s like to have massive amounts of bras and panties flung at him.

Mick said that he’d love to join the band for a jam session anytime, but it’s hard not to wonder if he just wants to get a good look at Hazza to make sure that he’s not his long-lost son. The rocker might have a few kids out there since he and Harry seem to also share their womanizing ways.

It’s been a big week for 1D—first the guys got to jam with Johnny Depp (who is a massive fan of Keith Richards), and now Jagger wants to jam with them.

So which Rolling Stones song do you think that 1D should perform with Jagger? And could Harry play him in a movie?

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