Harry Styles’ Date with Taylor Swift Angers Eminem’s Haylor-Hating Daughter

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Harry Styles relationship with Taylor Swift has unsurprisingly created plenty of “Haylor” haters (you know that Conor Kennedy is a part of the club). However, one Directioner who isn’t a fan of this pop culture power couple is getting a lot more attention than the other 16-year-olds venting about Haylor’s recent Central Park date on Twitter.

The Directioner in question is none other than Hailie Mathers, the daughter of rapper Eminem. While her father is known for saying some pretty awful things in his songs, at least he can be commended for letting his daughter listen to music that’s a little cleaner and friendlier.

Instead of embracing rap songs loaded with bad words and lyrics about abusing women, Hailie Mathers loves pop music ballads about love. She’s fans of wholesome stars like One Direction and Taylor Swift—or at least she used to listen to T-Swift.

Like Directioners are apt to do, Hailie labeled Harry Styles the “love of her life” on Twitter before attacking Taylor for dating the One Direction singer. Here’s what she tweeted:

”Dear @taylorswift13, please stop whoring around with every guy you see. We all know you’re only doing it so you can make another album.”

So while she might not share her dad’s taste in music, Eminem’s daughter does seem to share his temper and his way with words. Maybe she’ll also grow up to be a rapper who makes a living dissing other celebrities.

Hailie went on to write this:

”I, am never, ever, everrrrr, listening to your music againnnn @taylorswift13. LIKE EVER.”

It would be great to know what Eminem thinks about his daughter’s boy band crush. Is he like a normal dad who is just glad that she’s not chasing bad boys in real life, or is he embarrassed by her taste in music and boys? Would he ever take Hailie to a 1D concert?

Em might not mind his daughter dissing T-Swift since he wasn’t a fan of squeaky-clean pop princesses back in the day—he poked fun at Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera in some of his songs. However, he also took on boy bands ‘N Sync and the Backstreet Boys in his song “Marshall Mathers.” Perhaps Hailee has made him promise not to attack One Direction in any of his new tunes.

So how do you think Marshall Mathers feels about his daughter’s Twitter beef with T-Swift?

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