Harry Styles Dating Mick Jagger’s Daughter?

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Harry Styles might be leading One Direction in the right direction with his latest romantic conquest—he’s rumored to be getting over Caroline Flack with Mick Jagger’s daughter Georgia May Jagger.

Harry might want to be careful, however—with his large mouth, slim figure, and shaggy mane, he looks a lot like the rock star’s illegitimate child. And Harry’s mom was just the type of beauty that Mick would have been attracted to (but there’s no word on if she ever enjoyed the wild lifestyle of a groupie).

Harry must not be too worried about his paternity, because he was reportedly sneaking around with the offspring of the Rolling Stones frontman at London Fashion Week. According to the Daily Star, Harry Styles and Georgia May Jagger tried to get into Stella McCartney’s fashion week party together but arrived too late. They then took separate taxis to Stella’s after-party before heading to yet another bash at Kate Moss’ house.

The One Direction singer is certainly getting around! He was just linked to Alexa Chung, and now he reportedly has the daughter of rock royalty following him around “like a lovesick puppy.” It’s not hard to see why Harry would enjoy the company of Georgia—she kind of resembles his ex Caroline Flack, but she’s younger and has fuller lips.

It also certainly wouldn’t hurt Harry to befriend the progeny of a living rock legend. Maybe Mick Jagger could write a song for One Direction or give the band a shout out. The guys of 1D are currently trying to stage another British invasion in the States, so a good word from a fellow Brit that made it big in America would certainly help.

A relationship with Georgia May Jagger would probably also last a bit longer than Harry’s relationship with Caroline Flack did—Caroline was probably a bit too mature for Harry at 32, while Georgia is just 20. So she’s only two years older than Harry as opposed to 14.

So what do you think—do Harry Styles and Mick Jagger’s daughter make the perfect couple, or do they look too much like they could be siblings?

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