Harry Styles Dating Singer Lily Halpern?

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Has Harry Styles of One Direction finally moved on from Caroline Flack? Harry’s latest romantic conquest is rumored to be singer Lily Halpern.

If this is true, then Harry obviously has a thing for brunettes. However, Lily is no cougar like Caroline—she’s just 19 years old.

According to the New York Post, a source says that Harry has been seeing Lily for a few months now and that things are “getting quite serious.” She was even spotted leaving a hotel where the band was staying in NYC last month. However, a rep for One Direction claims that Harry is single. In fact, the rep even claimed that he hadn’t heard of Lily (ouch!).

The “Wishlist” singer has opened for Cody Simpson and Big Time Rush, so she’s obviously trying to make it big in the teen scene. Being connected to Harry could certainly help her become a bigger star—maybe he and Lily could become the next Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Even though 1D’s rep claims to have no idea who Lily Halpern is, she does talk about meeting the band on Twitter. On March 11 she tweeted about getting to meet some members of One Direction while hanging with Nickelodeon band Big Time Rush, and before that she tweeted about getting ready to watch both boy bands in concert. So BTR might be responsible for introducing Lily to Harry Styles.

She later sent tweets to Harry Styles and Zayn Malik wishing them luck on Today. However, most subsequent 1D-related messages were only sent to Harry. She sent a message to him about playing a WWF game, and even tweeted about watching the same movie as him—Flubber. So were they watching it together?

Even if there’s nothing going on between her and Harry, Lily better get ready for a lot of tweets from upset Directioners—Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne are already taken, so One Direction fans probably don’t want to lose another guy (and the band’s management might also prefer for a majority of the group to stay single).

There is one part of the Post‘s claim that doesn’t seem to be true—the report says that Lily and Harry have been seeing each other for months, but based on Lily’s tweets, it seems like she just met 1D last month.

So what do you think—are Harry and Lily secretly dating, or have they just become friends? You can check out Lily’s “Wishlist” video below.

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