Harry Styles: Did Taylor Swift Wear Him Out?!

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For Harry Styles, it is going to be a long and cold night. The One Direction star took to Twitter on Wednesday evening complaining about the weather and that he was exhausted. Perhaps staying up two nights in a row with new “girlfriend” Taylor Swift might have something to do with that.

Harry tweeted, “New York is getting cold.. Starting to feel Christmas on its way. Just fell asleep in the car.” Seriously, he fell asleep in the car? He’s in New York City. Someone please inform Harry that there is a Starbucks literally on every corner in Manhattan.

Of course, Harry Styles spent the night at Taylor Swift’s hotel, not one night, but two nights in a row. At least the second time he took an overnight bag so that he didn’t walk out of the hotel in the morning wearing the same thing that he wore the night before. Clearly, being greeted by the paparazzi during your “walk of shame” will make one learn pretty quickly. Still, if Harry is really this tired after two nights, Taylor must have really worked her magic on this guy!

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