Harry Styles Didn’t Enjoy Kissing Katy Perry as Much as Niall Horan Did

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Harry Styles and Niall Horan both snagged kisses from Katy Perry at the MTV VMAs, but one of them enjoyed swapping spit with Katy a little more than the other.

Katy awarded Hazza and Niall with kisses while she was presenting One Direction with their award for Best Pop Video. After she snogged Harry, she started flinging around the band’s moon man, which made a piece of the award break off. Harry leaned over to pick it up, and afterwards he casually wiped off his lips.

So why didn’t Harry kiss Katy and like it?

As Music FIX points out, he might not have enjoyed getting Niall’s sloppy seconds—despite popular rumors, the “Narry” kiss never happened, so Harry probably does not want Niall Horan’s germs in his mouth. Or maybe Harry Styles just didn’t like the taste of Katy’s cherry Chapstick.

Niall must have enjoyed his kiss a lot more, because he and Katy engaged in a bit of Twitter flirting after the MTV VMAs were over.

Katy Perry better be careful; Directioners have already lost Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne to serious girlfriends, so they would not be happy if she started pursuing Hazza or Niall. But who can blame Katy for exploring her options? John Mayer isn’t exactly known for sticking with starlets for very long after he hooks up with them.

It’s also possible that Directioners need to worry about Harry getting serious with a girl; perhaps he wiped his mouth because he knew that his girlfriend wouldn’t be happy about seeing him kiss Katy (the last girl Harry was linked to was model Cara Delevingne).

So do you think Katy should be offended by Hazza’s mouth-wiping?

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