Harry Styles’ DJ Fling Ashamed, But Returns To Work After Hiding Out

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DJ Lucy Horobin, 32, failed to show up to her job on Monday after news broke over the weekend of her affair with One Direction’s Harry Styles. Horobin is reportedly desperate and determined to save her marriage and took the day off from work to avoid “facing” listeners.

Lucy Horobin has received a lot of hate from Directioners – in fact, after getting several hate messages over the weekend, Lucy deleted her Twitter account.

It seems Lucy realized she’d be better off facing the music sooner, rather than later, and the DJ returned to work this morning. Ashamed, Horobin hid her face from the cameras and made no mention of Harry Styles or played One Direction’s tunes.

A photo shows that “Lucy cowered in the backseat of a Mini and covered her head with a cream-coloured cardigan as she arrived at Heart South Coast FM at around 5.45am.”

When a marriage is being tested, as Lucy Horobin’s was during the time she slept with Harry Styles, people do not always think clearly or make the most rational decisions. It is clear that Lucy knows her relations with Hazza were a mistake and that she regrets having sexual relations with the One Direction member while she was still married. People make mistakes all the time – that’s what being human means.

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