Harry Styles’ Fans Tweet Death Threats to Taylor Swift and Call her a Pedophile

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Harry Styles’ fiercely loyal faction of obsessive fans has made Taylor Swift their latest target.

A few deranged Directioners seem to enjoy taking to Twitter to attack women that Hazza has been linked to. They made model Emma Ostilly shut down her account, and they attacked Caroline Flack by calling her a pedophile. Other ladies who have dealt with upset Hazza fans on the social networking site include DJ Lucy Horobin, singer Lily Halpern, and model Cara Delivingne. However, it looks like poor Taylor really has rabid Harry fans all riled up.

According to The Sun, she’s enduring a lot of death threats because she’s been linked to the One Direction singer—it’s a situation very reminiscent of what happened when Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber first started dating. Here’s a sample of one of the tweets posted on The Sun:

“If u dating my harry, I kill u.”

Judging from the writer’s grammar, this doesn’t look like a serious threat; it looks more like the work of a jealous 12-year-old who is just having a hard time accepting Haylor. However, Taylor has been getting other death threats from Directioners claiming that they want to murder her, and one Twitter user’s tweets are truly disturbing.

According to The Daily Star, a creepy One Direction fan has adopted the Twitter handle Patrick Bateman, which is the name of the sadistic serial killer in the American Psycho book and movie. Here’s one of that fan’s horrific tweets:

“You’re a f***ing ugly bitch. I want to stab you to death & play around with your blood.”

This claim sounds a little more psychotic since it adds the graphic and very deranged detail of playing with Taylor’s blood. So why would a fan with such sadistic thoughts think that they have a chance at winning the heart of Harry Styles, anyway? They’re crazy, that’s why!

Another nutty fan called 22-year-old Taylor a pedophile even though Harry is 18 years old, probably because that diss was popular back when Hazza was dating Caroline Flack (they probably don’t understand the meaning of the word). Selena Gomez also had to deal with similar attacks when she started dating a 17-year-old Justin Bieber. Since Selena and Taylor are such good pals, perhaps they can get through their current dating woes together.

There’s been no confirmation that Haylor is even a for-sure thing, so it’s crazy that the death threats are already flying. However, at least Taylor can take comfort in knowing that the fans will probably chill out eventually—Beliebers were just really starting to accept Jelena when that couple called it quits.

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