Harry Styles Gets Asked Out on a Date by Alexa Chung

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Harry Styles and Caroline Flack ended their three-month relationship in part because of the all the media hoopla that their rather large age difference caused, but will the shaggy-haired One Direction darling find love with another older woman in 24 Hour Catwalk host Alexa Chung?

Harry and Alexa were spotted together on Valentine’s Day, immediately sparking rumors that they’re in a relationship (after all, the holiday is all about romance). However, Harry has also been linked to Georgia May Jagger (daughter of Rolling Stones lead singer/Harry doppelg√ɬ§nger Mick Jagger) since his breakup with Caroline, and there are even rumors that he and his ex might get back together.

Harry was certainly acting like a single guy when an exasperated Alexa Chung sent this tweet his way: “I AM NOT DATING @Harry_Styles! Ps Sorry @Harry_Styles, fancy a date?”

Of course it’s hard to judge the tone of a tweet, so it’s difficult to tell if Alexa was actually asking Harry Styles out or just joking around to mess with the press and all the angry Directioners that she’s probably getting hate tweets from. Since poor Harry probably wasn’t exactly sure how to respond, here’s what he wrote: “Sure?”

It’s kind of like he was really trying to say this: “I’m not sure if you’re serious about that date, but if you are, I’m up for it.” But of course he can’t tweet something like that. If Alexa wasn’t serious, then it kind of makes him look a little foolish – no famous guy wants to get caught hitting on a girl that’s not into him.

At least 28-year-old Alexa Chung is only ten years older than Harry as opposed to 14, but his heart still might belong to 32-year-old Caroline Flack – Harry and Caroline were reportedly texting one another throughout the night after the Brit Awards, but they avoided running into each other in person.

So what do you think – will Harry Styles go on a date with Alexa, or are he and Caroline really trying to carry on a secret relationship?

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