Harry Styles Gets His Butt Pinched by One Direction Band Mates

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Harry Styles’ fellow One Direction members got a bit grabby during a concert in Auckland, New Zealand—for some reason they just couldn’t keep their hands off of his butt.

Harry was trying to do his best to make it through his “What Makes You Beautiful” solo, but Liam Payne made him flinch when he gave his rear a tiny pinch. Apparently Zayn Malik thought it looked like fun to sexually harass Harry, because he also grabbed a handful of his behind. Zayn has a history of messing with Harry—he poked his pal’s dimples during their SNL performance.

This time around he messed with another of Harry Styles’ most famous physical features by tousling his perfectly-sculpted mop top, but Harry didn’t stop singing to complain. Since Zayn and Liam obviously weren’t doing enough to get to Harry, Louis Tomlinson decided to take things one step further by using both hands to really latch onto to Harry’s butt (apparently Harry’s backside is what makes him beautiful).

Directioners will likely enjoy getting to see Larry Stylinson interact in such a way, but some Niall Horan fans might be applauding the only blonde member of the band for not taking part in harassing Harry—he’s obviously too sweet to pick on his pal. However, he did have a good laugh at Harry’s discomfort from the sidelines.

Harry Styles himself seemed to enjoy getting his butt pinched, because he didn’t stop smiling while he was getting goosed. It’s kind of nice that the guys are still so close and still enjoy goofing off after so many performances and interviews—you would think that they would be tired of one another and crabby because of the grueling schedule that they have to be on.

But that’s why Directioners love the guys—they’re very dedicated to keeping their fans entertained, but fame hasn’t changed them too much. They also don’t complain about not being able to live normal lives because of the screaming girls that are sure to be wherever they go.

Check out Harry getting attacked by his fellow One Direction band mates in the video below.

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