Harry Styles Gets Interviewed by Ex Caroline Flack, and It’s Really Awkward (Video)

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Harry Styles was put in an extremely awkward position when he appeared on The Xtra Factor—he was forced to face his ex Caroline Flack. The encounter also seemed to make Harry’s One Direction band mates Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, and Liam Payne just a tad uncomfortable, too.

Caroline could have skipped the interview with 1D since Olly Murs co-hosts the show, but it’s likely that she and Harry had a little discussion before filming and decided to be adults by going through with it. So now Directioners can have fun re-watching the video of their encounter over and over again to analyze their body movements and facial expressions. However, it might be hard to decipher what they mean.

Harry Styles certainly didn’t shy away from looking at Caroline Flack at the beginning of the interview—he actually appeared to be staring at her with a cheeky little smile on his face. However, he eventually started to look a little uncomfortable and kept staring at the floor.

So what does this mean? Perhaps he was so giddy about being in the same room as Caroline that he had to look away from her in order to wipe the grin off of his face. Or perhaps he started thinking about their relationship and was feeling a little guilt or regret. But more than likely he was just feeling really awkward and unsure of how to act. He was also a bit quieter than normal during the interview.

The tension in the room seemed to affect his band mates—Zayn Malik was sitting next to him and said “like” a few more times than he usually does while answering a question about how successful One Direction has become.

Niall Horan tried to break the tension by making a joke about Olly Murs being smelly, and he then proceeded to attack his old tour mate’s cheeks.

At one point Caroline got really giddy and giggly, and Harry hid his face in his hand after they exchanged a glance. It almost looked like they were getting a little flirty with each other. Caroline also kept fanning herself with her question cards like she was getting all hot and bothered.

You can check out The Xtra Factor interview below to see what you think of Hazza and Caroline’s body language. At the end Louis Tomlinson promises to get naked (SPOILER ALERT: he doesn’t).

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