Harry Styles Gets Perverted with Niall Horan!

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Harry Styles has food on his mind… tweeting about Ritz crackers and playing with Niall Horan’s ‘sausage’ and ‘mushrooms.’ What a perv!

Okay, it is one thing for the One Direction star, who is often tweeting to his followers about being hungry, to post a picture of a box of Ritz crackers on Instagram. It is still another for Harry to tweet dirty messages to Niall Horan. Doesn’t he know that there are young teenage girls that read his stuff?

Harry tweeted, “@NiallOfficial ill throw a sausage at your sausage. I’ll throw some mushrooms at your muuuuuushrooms.”

This is clearly not a reference to a grilling out tube steaks on the barbecue. Harry Styles is probably the One Direction star that girls wouldn’t bring home to mom. One has to remember that the 1D star is still a young man, but can’t he just keep his locker room banter in the locker room? Why does he have to get so trashy on Twitter?

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