Harry Styles Gets Underwear Put on His Head by Liam Payne (Video)

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Harry Styles and his One Direction band mates are very good at coming up with ways to make each of their concerts unique, but the guys really outdid themselves in Oakland. And all they needed to make Directioners go wild was a pair of sparkly underwear.

Knickers at a 1D concert are certainly nothing new—the guys have admitted that they get tons of bras and panties thrown at them while they perform. However, they rarely show off any of their scandalous gifts onstage (probably because it might be unsanitary).

But Hazza bravely decided to put on a pair of underwear during One Direction’s recent concert in Oakland. It’s unclear if he picked up some panties that were thrown on the stage and put them on or if he brought some of his own skivvies with him, but Directioners probably don’t care either way—they were simply delighted to see Harry Styles wearing them over his trousers (who does he think he is, Madonna?).

The panties in question were probably thrown on stage; it’s hard to imagine Harry owning tiny black undies with the words “Party with me” stamped on them in pink glitter. During One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” performance, Harry proudly walked backwards to show them off before removing them and tossing them into the crowd.

However, that wasn’t the only incident involving a pair of undies. During Harry Styles’ solo, Louis Tomlinson picked up some panties that had been tossed on stage and put them on Liam Payne’s head. Liam then passed them on to Hazza by stretching them out and putting them on his head like a cap.

Directioners probably found the incident hilarious, but they might be sad that the guys ditched their other playful prank in favor of the panties— Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson usually pinch Harry’s butt while he’s trying to sing his solo.

You can check out the great footage of the underwear incident captured by YouTube user shaunaelovesyou below.

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