Harry Styles’ Girlfriend Emily Ostilly Quits Twitter

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Harry Styles’ rumored girlfriend Emma Ostilly has just found out how hard dating a pop star with millions of obsessed fans can be—she’s had to quit Twitter after being attacked by angry Directioners.

This wouldn’t be the first time a girl linked to Harry has felt the wrath of One Direction fans—they also tweeted some nasty things to singer Lily Halpern after she talked about hanging out with Harry during a few interviews. And of course 32-year-old Caroline Flack got a fair amount of abuse from fans and the press since she dated Harry when he was just 17.

But Caroline Flack and Harry Styles broke up before 1D started trying to conquer the world, and there was never any photographic evidence that he was dating Lily Halpern. So perhaps beautiful blonde model Emma Ostilly has been getting even worse abuse since she was photographed kissing Harry and is with him at a time when 1D has more fans than ever.

According to Yahoo! omg!, Directioners started anti-Emma Facebook pages within hours, and she must have been getting tons of angry tweets, too—she shut down her Twitter page today. Perhaps fans were really going after her because she posted a photo of herself having dinner with Harry—they were probably furious since it seemed like she was flaunting her relationship with him.

So will Harry Styles’ new girlfriend decide that all the abuse isn’t worth it? Perhaps Emma Ostilly needs to try and befriend Liam Payne’s girlfriend Danielle Peazer—she has dealt with death threats in the past and didn’t let them ruin her relationship with Liam.

Selena Gomez also went through the same thing when she started dating Justin Bieber, and eventually fans got over it.

Directioners have done a good job accepting Liam’s relationship with Danielle and Louis Tomlinson’s relationship with model Eleanor Calder, so hopefully they’ll also accept Harry’s new girl. It might be hard to see yet another member of the band become unavailable, but Directioners need to let the relationship run its course, whether it lasts a few days or a few years.

Directioners also scared a receptionist out of going on a date with Zayn Malik while the guys were in Australia, which just isn’t right—if they really care about the guys, they need to let them be happy.

So do you think One Direction fans are getting out of hand with all the hateful messages? Sound off in the comments!

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