Harry Styles Gives Backstage Glimpse of One Direction Tour (Video)

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Harry Styles took fans on a rare behind the scenes tour, showing them where the One Direction guys hang out and get ready for their shows. All of them seem really relaxed and chill—especially Zayn who was getting File:Harry Styles 2012.jpga manicure! The guys seem so down-to-earth and it is really cool to see them in a laid back atmosphere. While their adrenaline runs high right before stepping on stage, they manage to stay totally relaxed beforehand.

“I’m going to take you to the wardrobe,” said Harry beginning the tour. After checking out some of the clothes, Harry took the interviewer (from “e talk”) around to see the other guys. As he spotted Liam playing a video game he joked, “so there’s Liam doing very serious vocal warm-ups.”

Harry Styles gave a great tour and fans loved every moment. Getting to see the guys backstage is really cool. Hopefully there will be more interviews like this in the future.

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