Harry Styles Got His Butt Grabbed by Liam Payne on ‘Ellen’

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Harry Styles’ band mate Liam Payne got a bit too cheeky when the guys appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show — Liam just couldn’t resist grabbing Harry’s butt.

Liam’s move was captured on camera, and now Gawker has posted a still from the video of One Direction’s Ellen performance. So should everyone start freaking out about Liam’s seemingly homoerotic hand movement?

Before a member of the media starts trying to claim that Harry and Liam are in a secret gay relationship, they should know that this game of grab-butt has been going on for a very long time — the other members of 1D love to mess with Harry Styles while he’s singing his “What Makes You Beautiful” solo.

Louis Tomlinson doesn’t take part in goosing Harry much anymore because of Directioners’ obsession with Larry Stylinson, a made-up gay couple composed of Harry and Louis. However, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik haven’t stopped harassing Hazza. In the video of their performance on Ellen, Zayn can also be seen lovingly poking Harry’s cheek.

Harry amazingly manages to keep a straight face while singing his solo, and Liam also looks super-serious, even when Louis Tomlinson grins at him (probably because he knows what Liam is up to).

Gawker doesn’t jump to the gay conclusion right away, but offers a few other interesting explanations for Liam’s grab — he could be “screening for lumps” or “resetting Harry’s control panel.” Hazza just might be a robot since he’s so good at ignoring Liam’s hand on his behind.

While the goosing move is common during One Direction’s concerts, it is still pretty funny that it was captured on live TV.

You can check out Liam grabbing Harry’s butt in the video below. The incident takes place around the 2:43 mark.

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