Harry Styles Grabs Liam Payne’s Genitals: Are They Gay?

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Harry Styles and the other boys of One Direction are quite the cheeky bunch. Between snaps of them grabbing each others bums and walking around naked, it seems like the boys are a bit too close for comfort.

However, Harry’s latest attempt at being funny while on stage may have some fans wondering if he is in fact gay. Could it be possible?

While performing on stage in New Zealand, Harry wanted to get the fans going so he decided to grab the crotch of his band mate Liam Payne.

A report refers to Harry’s antics as “cupping” for those of you who need a more visual term.

Either way, it’s kind of strange for a teen boy to grab the crotch of another teen boy, isn’t it? Do you think Harry Styles could possibly be gay—or like both men and women? Or was he just being his crazy, silly, self and joking around with his best friends?

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