Harry Styles Has a Famous Look-alike

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Are One Direction’s Harry Styles and actor Even Peters long-lost twins? Hmmm. When you view photos of these two fellows, you might believe so. What is your opinion?

One website is comparing the two guys with each other, opining that their facial features and even eyebrows are identical. You can view side-by-side shots of Harry and Evan Peters here, and decide for yourself whether these guys are doppelgangers.

Considering that Evan is 25 and from Missouri, and Harry is a British teenager, the chances they are really long-lost twins is pretty slim. People are always saying Harry looks like other celebrities. Why is this? Victoria Justice once said Styles resembled a young version of rock n’ roll icon Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones.

But, Evan Peters must love being compared to the One Direction singer, Harry Styles. It raises his profile, and gets teenage girls talking about him. What’s not to like about that? Harry, on the other hand, has probably never even heard of Evan.

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