Harry Styles has a TV Cougar Crushing on Him

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Harry Styles has shown his love for cougars in the past, but now he’s got a beautiful older woman crushing on him. So which big TV star has the hots for the One Direction cutie?

Here’s a hint: she plays the mother of an actress who is older than Harry (but to be fair, she’s supposed to be a teenager on the show).

Still haven’t figured it out? The answer is Julie Bowen of Modern Family!

The blonde bombshell plays frazzled mom Claire Dunphy on the show, but in real life she’s still a teen girl at heart. You would think that the young actresses playing her TV daughters, 21-year-old Sarah Hyland and 14-year-old Ariel Winter, would be the ones gushing about their One Direction crushes, but 42-year-old Julie isn’t ashamed to admit that she has a thing for Harry Styles.

On May 20 she’ll be hosting the Billboard Music Awards with her onscreen hubby, Ty Burrell, so she might even get a chance to meet her crush. While giving an interview with MSN, she talked about which celebs she’s most excited about seeing at the show, and she revealed that she’s a fan of Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, and Rihanna (so she and Harry have that in common). She then said this when she mentioned Harry:

That’s my illegal crush. That is a crush that is going to land me in the slammer.

Luckily for Julie Bowen, Harry Styles is 18 now, so while her dating him might be a little weird (especially since she’s married), she wouldn’t be doing anything illegal. She would, however, be angering lots of Directioners, and she might even get some hostile tweets just for mentioning her feelings for the singer.

Julie Bowen said she fell for Harry after watching One Direction perform on the same night that her Modern Family costar Sofia Vergara hosted SNL, so she didn’t get a chance to ask Sofia to sneak her in to meet the guys. However, maybe she’ll get her chance to freak Harry out by fangirling at the Billboard Music Awards. And if he does show up, hopefully she asks him to guest star on Modern Family—he’d make a great love interest for Haley, or maybe he could even play a new neighbor who crushes on Claire (Julie would probably love that).

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